Mixing refers to the blending action for evenly combining several kinds of materials.More specifically, the combining of powder and liquid or liquids whose viscosities differ, and the preparing of even paste or slurry is referred to here.
(Figure 1-1 Mixing materials with a spatula)

Introduction Examples

Thinky's planetary centrifugal mixer is utilized for mixing and deaeration of materials in various fields.
(Introduction Examples)
1. LED chip sealing: combining of LED phosphor material (powder) and silicone resin (liquid)
2. Conductive composite film: combining of carbon nano tube (powder) and rubber (liquid)
3. ③Ointment preparation at dispensing pharmacies: kneading of medicine (powder) and vaseline (liquid)

  • Figure 1-2 Mixing LED phosphor material and silicone resin
  • Figure 1-3 SEM image of mixed carbon nanotube and epoxy resin
  • Figure 1-4 Kneading ointment
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