Wet Pulverizing

Commonly used wet ball mills (beads mills) accept materials, liquids, and pulverizing media in their zirconium container and pulverize the materials. Although dry-pulverizing into less-than 3 micron particles is principally difficult, wet-pulverizing enables nano pulverizing.

Rotation/Revolution Pulverizing Principle

Nano pulverizer NP-100 utilizing rotation/revolution system adds acceleration to the pulverizing media (zirconium ball) by the strong centrifugal force produced by the rotation and revolution. The pulverizing media in the container is raised to the upper portion of the container by the centrifugal force of rotation, and dropped by the centrifugal force of revolution. The collision energy produced at the time of dropping lets the media pulverize the material into nano-sized particles.
NP-100 is a pulverizer with optimized rotation/revolution ratio to maximize the collision energy.

Figure 6-1 The milling motion by planetary centrifugal force


(1) Small amount pulverization: minimum amount is 100 mg (10 ml liquid).
(2) Instant pulverization: pulverizes in 2 minutes (when pulverizing 100 mg material)
(3) Standard pulverization recipe eliminates the need to choose pulverization parameters.
(4) Pulverization is possible in low-temperature atmosphere.
(5) A small amount of pulverizing media enables pulverization.
(6) Only the container needs to be cleaned.
(7) Contamination amount at pulverization is very small.
(8) Suspension can be evenly dispersed or deaerated after pulverization.

Figure 6-1 Nano Pulverizer NP-100 and pulverised example

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