Customer Service Desk Guide

We believe that the support we give to you after your purchase is the first step in gaining your trust.

Our policy for after-sales services is "Reliable and Thorough."
If your machine has failed, or even if you believe there is a slight problem, please do not hesitate and contact your local sales distributor or sales rep who you have purchased your product from.
If repairs are required, we will give you a breakdown and explanation first, so that you can understand what repairs are required and at what cost.

Please contact one of our customer service desks in your region as given below if you experience a failure or poor performance.

North America / Central and South America
Phoenix Equipment Inc.
Address:315 Mt. Read Blvd. Rochester, NY 14611
Tel: 1-800-240-5570 (Direct: 585-266-5550)
Fax: 585-266-1598
Thinky Trading (Shenzhen) Corporation
Address:Room 1516 East building HaiAn Kafunuo mansion Shennan road Qianhai road Nanshan district Shenzhen
Tel:+86 755-86672181
Fax:+86 755-86670657
Asia / Oceania
Contact your local distributor
Purchasers from local distributors
Contact your local distributor
Purchasers from elsewhere
Hi-Tec-Support GmbH
Address:Wanistrasse 7 CH-8422 Pfungen/Winterthur
Tel: +41 52 214 33 00
Middle East
Hi-Tec-Support GmbH
Address:Wanistrasse 7 CH-8422 Pfungen/Winterthur Tel: +41 52 214 33 00

*Please have the model name and the serial number of your product in hand when contacting us.

If your model is no longer in production, please contact us. We will do our best to accommodate your situation and needs. Regarding repairs of your products, please check the information, "Discontinued Products" below.

Important Notice from Customer Support

For customers moving or exporting machines to other countries after purchase

If you intend to move or export your product to another country after your purchase, or are considering doing so, please as far as possible ensure you purchase from a local distributor.

Limitations on the available models and specifications may make it impossible to provide guarantees or after support to the same level at the place you move or export the device to as the purchasing the product through our local distributors. If you are intending to move or export devices to another country after purchase first consult us through theinquiry form.

Regarding our after-sales support for devices originally purchased in Japan and subsequently moved to a laboratory or production site in another country, in some cases we will ask you to bring the product back to Japan in order to provide the necessary maintenance.

Obtaining Spare Parts

It has become extremely difficult to procure spare parts for certain products that we sold in the past, due to discontinued production of electronic components used in the product.
Depending on which part of the product fails, they may be unrepairable.

Please check below for model number and serial numbers.
For more information, please have the purchase date in hand and contact us through theinquiry form below.

[Relevant products and serial numbers]  
AR-250(sale discontinued December 2005) Serial numbers 20001 to 22416
AR-100 Serial numbers 13001 to 14001
NR-50 Serial numbers N050001 to N050145

Discontinued models

Series Product images Product name End of sales  Present products
Planetary Centrifugal Mixer
"THINKY MIXER" (Non-Vacuum type)
CX-2000 2000 -
MX-201 2000 ARE-310
AR-1000S 2002/3 -
AR-350 1998/1 ARE-500
AR-550L 2003 ARE-500
AR-360M 2003 ARE-500
AR-250 *December 2005
For products with a serial number between 20001 to 22416, the electronic components it uses are no longer in production, hence it may prove impossible to repair. Please contact the customer service desk for more details.
AR-50 2002/11 AR-100
AR-750 2003 -
AR-500 2010/9 ARE-500
ARE-250 2008/7 ARE-310
ARE-250T 2010/4 ARE-310
Planetary Centrifugal Vacuum Mixer
"THINKY MIXER" (Vacuum type)
ARV-200 2006/11 ARV-310
ARV-3000 2006/8 ARV-5000
ARV-1000 2007/7 -
ARV-3000MA 2011/12 ARV-5000
Planetary Centrifugal Mixer
"THINKY Solder Paste Mixer"
SP-500 2011/12 SR-500
Original Equipment Manufacturer Hybrid Mixer
2002 ARE-310
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