About the company

I want to visit a showroom.

You can visit by appointment. Please tell us the date and time you want to visit using our contact form. (Our salesperson will contact you after checking the schedule. We may not be able to meet your request, in that case we will consult you.)

About the products

I want to know the purchase price.

Please contact a sales shop or contact using our contact form. We will send you a quote.
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I want to mix using our own containers.

It is possible to make an adapter that is compatible with your desired container. Please contact us using our contact form because preparation conditions will vary depending on the materials and size of the product or container you are using.
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Are the products compatible with clean rooms?

We have many experiences with deployment to clean rooms. Contact us for details.
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Materials are not mixed well.

Please tell us the usage of the product using our contact form. The person in charge will answer you.
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Related to services and troubleshooting

Where should I return a demo unit?

The "return address" is included in the box of the demo unit. If you cannot find that or have questions, please contact us.
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I want to send the product to an overseas subcontractor, but what kind of support is available if trouble occurs?

Maintenance and repair of products purchased in Japan are supported within Japan as a principle. We will support the maintenance and repair when you send the product back to Japan.
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Abnormal sound comes from the unit. Please tell me the remedy.

Please contact our service division (Phone: +81-3-5207-2713). 
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Cannot open the lid of the unit!

Please contact our service division (Phone: +81-3-5207-2713).
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Is it okay to fix the unit by myself by purchasing components?

We do not provide parts only. Please contact our service division (Phone: +81-3-5207-2713) if you have any trouble. 
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Error is displayed! Please tell me the remedies.

Err.1: Indicates the door sensor error.
Please make sure the door is closed completely, nothing is between the door, or the door is not ajar, then close the door and start operations.
Err.2: Indicates the vibration sensor error.
This error indicates that rotation balance is skewed more than the limit, or rotation error has been detected for some reason.
1. Make sure that the rotation balancer is at the correct position, then start operations.
2. Please check that the lid of a container, etc. does not fall inside, or no parts are damaged. If such is the case, please contact us.
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Where should I send the unit to be fixed? During repair, can I borrow another unit?

After we accept the repair, we will send you the address to send to. Please contact our service division (Phone: +81-3-5207-2713) first. Please tell us if you would like to request an alternative unit. (However, please note that we may not be able to meet your request because the number of units is limited depending on the model.)
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Lost the user's manual.

Please request a new one using our contact form.
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Cannot turn the power on!

Please check the power plug.
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I don't have a box to put the product into for repair.

We will send you an empty box for transportation on request.
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Can I purchase consumable s directly from THINKY.

Order from the sales shop where you purchased the unit.
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Please tell me the quantity of consumables.

Please check with the sales shop where you purchased the product.

Can I purchase just the lid of the container?

We do not sell only lids.


Can I pay by credit card?

We are sorry but we do not accept credit cards.

The invoice didn't come with the product.

We will send invoices separately from the products. If you do not receive your invoice in two weeks or longer, then please contact the sales shop.
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I want to purchase the panel meter.

The business has been transferred to AXIS Inc. For details, please see the site below.

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