Support Policy

We will pursue 100% effort in customer satisfaction and to product manufacturing.

When THINKY first commercialized its planetary centrifugal mixers about 30 years ago,it was just a small business. At that time, the technology for planetary centrifugal mixer was not as common as it is today, and there were many people who were amazed at how effective they were or who found it difficult to believe what we were offering.

What started out as just a small idea is now active in more than fifty countries worldwide, and has built up an impressive sales record of over 28,300 units. In recent years people from throughout the world are taking interest in our products, bringing home to us the level of expectation toward what we can do, and the great responsibility we have to bring highly useful products to our customers.

That is why we can say with pride,

"Expect even more from THINKY in the future."

Since our unit will contribute to your customers, we believe in the utmost importance of looking after our customers after the delivery and setting of our unit.

Our machines begin to contribute to our customers once they start operating powerfully onsite. We strongly believe it is the utmost importance to look after our customers after the delivery of our product. We carry out customer service training for our contracted distributors worldwide so that they can do their best to ensure you are able to use our machines free of concern in your location.

We will provide solutions if your machine starts to run poorly, and will offer you maintenance information when needed so that you can use your machines like new after several years. We promise to carefully keep track of the status of our customers, and to provide rapid and precise service and high quality support to you together with our local distributors.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
We are committed to our customers by incorporating what we learn from problems and our customers' comments into our product development, to invent and innovate each product to increase customer satisfaction.

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