Three features of THINKY

1.Trustworthy ―Nearly 30 years in planetary centrifugal mixers

THINKY has consistently led the way forward for our industry as the pioneer of planetary centrifugal mixers. When we first built our first planetary centrifugal mixer out into the world as OEM products, no one knew of such devices.
Over the three decades since then, we have progressed step by step together with our customers, accepting their challenges and working toward their goals.
The accumulated knowhow encompassing everything that we have learned from each solution is put to use in product development and ensuring a full customer support system.

2.Flexible ―Containers and Adapters are the Key!

THINKY has vast range of containers and adapters and a strong track record in delivering them to our customers,
to satisfy the customers need and specific properties like low-temperature insulation or heat resistance.
Our efforts to achieve the level our customers’ desire and to bring out the optimum performance of our unit, took us through several thousand prototypes to create a range of over 300 types.
Containers and adapters are vital elements to expand the performance of your product. We will continue to strive to complete individual wants of our customers.

3.Strong track record ―We have shipped over 28,300 units.

People all over the world specifically ask for Thinky's planetary centrifugal mixers. In the beginning, we had to explain to disbelieving customers the principles that allow our mixers
to uniformly mix and defoam at the same time. Our President traveled the length and breadth of Japan to show people THINKY MIXER.
These steady efforts have resulted in over 28,300 products being sold. Even in the first steps toward nano dispersion and nano pulverization,
we will continue to explore planetary centrifugal technology, seeking the best solution for each customer, while we open up future paths for development of new materials together.

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